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Autumn 2017

Autumn Term Welcome:

Welcome to Year 1 and an exciting new term at Britannia Village!


Over the next few weeks, our work in Year 1 will be focused around the topic of ‘A Better World’ and we will be exploring this by studying thinking about how we can use water responsibly.

During this topic, we will be covering the areas of History, Music, Science, Design & Technology, and Physical Education.


In English we will be retelling the story ‘Splash’ by acting out scenes and creating a story map.


In Geography children will be learning about how water is not as accessible in other countries and we will be looking at the charity WaterAid. We will also look at water in the local area such as the docks and the River Thames, which will link our learning to History.


In PSHE we will be learning about how to look after the environment and save water as well as discussing how people in other countries do not have clean water.


In Music we will be creating music using our own rain shakers and singing songs to do with water.


In Science we will be learning about water in different scientific concepts such as floating and sinking, waterproofing and the water cycle .


In Design & Technology we will be using materials to make musical instruments that sound like water.


In Physical Education the children will be beginning gymnastics and will be creating dances to the music they have made with their rain shakers.


Activities to do at home

Continuing the learning from school to home is also very important and helps our children progress even further. So we will also provide a home learning folder, and send home some work each week to build on the learning in school. We hope it will help you reinforce the learning that takes place at school.



Please bring in any containers (e.g. Pringles tubes, drinks bottles) for making musical instruments next week. Please ensure they are washed.


Year 1 P.E.

Please note that Year 1 P.E. sessions will take place on Mondays and Fridays. Please ensure that your child brings the correct P.E. uniform on a Thursday and leaves it in school until Monday, when it can then be taken home. The correct uniform consists of black shorts / tracksuit bottoms and a plain white T-shirt. Please note that football shirts cannot be worn. Suitable black footwear should also be provided.


Phonics books

Your child will be issued with a new reading book and a story book at the end of each week. Please ensure that these books are returned by the following Wednesday at the latest. It is important that you take time to listen to your child read, and support them as they need it.


Reading books

Please remember also that the children are welcome to take library books from the Year 1 classrooms to read at home. Each class group has a file in the reading area – please note down the date and title of the book you are borrowing.

Please don’t forget to return these to school!


Year 1 Clubs

Year 1 clubs this year are every Thursday after school. Further information will be provided soon. Please note that children may need to alternate the club they attend.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


Kind regards,


Year 1 Team