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Land, Sea and Sky

Wow! What a brilliant topic Land, Sea and Sky has been. We have covered so much, and been on some brilliants trips. 


We have learnt about the differences between living and non-living things using MRS GREN, which Rangitata presented an amazing assembly on. 


We learnt about how animals and plant survive and what they need to live. We did this through investigating through variable and looking at how we can change things in an investigation to prove a question. 


We investigated different habitats in our local area, and in some further places like Greenwich Park, which was an outstanding visit. We also learn how animals and plants adapted to their habitats. Some animals are suited more than others!


We have learnt how to identify parts of a plant and looked in a little details about what flowers are for. 


At the end, we completed our DT projects of making a habitat in a box, using a range of recycled materials and equipment. 



Year 2 Topic Exhibition

Year 2 Topic Exhibition 1
Year 2 Topic Exhibition 2
Year 2 Topic Exhibition 3
Year 2 Topic Exhibition 4
Year 2 Topic Exhibition 5

Examples of Outstanding Learning

Examples of Outstanding Learning 1
Examples of Outstanding Learning 2
Examples of Outstanding Learning 3
Examples of Outstanding Learning 4
Examples of Outstanding Learning 5
Examples of Outstanding Learning 6
Examples of Outstanding Learning 7
Examples of Outstanding Learning 8
Examples of Outstanding Learning 9
Examples of Outstanding Learning 10
Examples of Outstanding Learning 11
Examples of Outstanding Learning 12
Examples of Outstanding Learning 13


Picture 1

In the last few weeks we have had some amazing trips and visits. Firstly, Greenwich park was excellent, where the children got to see different habitats. There are some great pictures that are on the slideshow below. We also had animals come in for the children to look at. 


Take a look to see if you can identify any of their features. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Dear Parents/carers,

Welcome back. We hope you have had a restful break. We are looking forward to a fantastic term ahead. Please take note of the important messages below, most of which are specific to Year 2.

When dropping off your children in the morning, they should be escorted through the gates, but should go into their classroom on their own, in order to build their independence. The school gates open at 8:35 and it is important that children are ready for the start of their lessons as soon as possible! At the end of the day children can be picked up from the main playground. Parents Evening is only a few weeks away and we expect all of our parents to make themselves available for these meetings. Please sign up via ParentMail in the next few days.

We had a great first term in school and the Year 2 children have shown an increased amount of independence as the year has progressed. Homework is produced to a good standard in all three classes and children are beginning to develop a mature approach to their learning!

Our first, whole school, topic of the term is ‘Big Questions’ where we will concentrate morality which is one of our qualities for life.

Our main Year 2 topic for the Spring Term is ‘Land, Sea and Sky’. The children will be learning about biology, with particular interest in habitats, characteristics of animals, and food chains. We will be going on a number of educational visits as part of this topic so parent volunteers will be necessary. Please speak to your child’s class-teacher if you are willing to help out with these.

In English we will be writing a letter based on how litter affects the environment. We will also be visiting several outdoor spaces to look at habitats. Shakespeare will also be present this term, as we look at one of Shakespeare’s well known plays ‘The Tempest’.  This is a great chance for the children to use drama in their learning, and they will write a narrative based on the story.

Homework will be given on a Tuesday and the children will have until the following Monday to bring it back. This will be a piece of Maths or English homework and a creative piece of homework linked to Topic or Science. Please support your children with their homework and help them to develop a sense of responsibility around getting work done on time. The children will also bring a reading book home each week and will have a reading journal where they should write some comments on what they have read and it is important that these are signed by you.

The children will have PE twice a week and we would appreciate it if they could bring their kits in on a Monday and take them home on a Friday. If you could take the time to clearly label your child’s uniform and PE kit this would be extremely helpful.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to come and speak to us.

Chris, Rose and Gemma (Year 2 Teachers)

Land, Sea and Sky


Welcome to our page on the new topic for the Spring term, Land Sea and Sky. 


We have already had our first visit, where we went to Southend to look for living things in the aquarium and on the local beaches.


We used MRS GREN to identify living things Can you remember what MRS GREN stands for?


Take a look at the pictures below from our day. We will update the website fortnightly to give readers an update of our work!



MRS GREN came into school.

Still image for this video