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Welcome to Reception!

Welcome to Reception! 1

Starting School Book

Starting School Book 1

Please click on the link below to open up a PDF version of our Starting School Book. Ideal for our new reception parents.

Welcome back to the start of another exciting term! We have a really busy schedule ahead of us and we're looking forward to learning lots of new things.  


Our work will focus around the topic of 'Mini Beasts and Mega Beasts' with a special focus on animals that from the UK. Children will be learning about different varieties of insects and animals and the habitats in which they live. We will watch our very own caterpillars, ants and stick insects grow and observe their behaviour. 


In English, we will be reading, learning and acting out different stories during Talking Tables sessions. We are continuing with 'Talk for Writing' and will learn the story of 'The Little Red Hen.' We will welcome parents on Thursday afternoons (see the below timetable) to help children with various Talk for Writing activities.


In Maths, we will continue with number work and will be learning all about numbers up to 30. We will be using money to buy items from a local shop. Will be learning how to double and half numbers as well as continuing to work on addition and subtraction.


Summer term topic letter April 2017

Dear parent/carer

We would like to welcome you all back to Reception class and hope that you have had a lovely time over the holidays. We have a busy term ahead and a lot of exciting things to do.

Our topic this term is Minibeasts and Megabeasts. The children will be taking part in the school-wide ‘Multicultural London’ topic. We will be going on educational visits to a farm, the zoo and Greenwich Park looking for minibeasts. Children will share the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ and will watch our very own class caterpillars grow and change into butterflies. We will also be making real life minibeast habitats.


This term we will continue with the attendance awards.As you know, it is very important that children come to school every day so they have the best possible start to their education. The weekly attendance awards for each class will be printed and clearly displayed at the entrance to your child’s classroom. The school attendance target is 96%.       

We will continue with our differentiated reading groups, working towards blending sounds to read words and sentences. We will also work on thinking, saying and writing sentences. We will be looking in particular at correct letter formation, using finger spaces and punctuation such as capital letters and full stops.

We are also working hard to recognise and read the Reception high frequency words, which will be sent home during the term. Please encourage your child to read the sounds learnt at school in their own environment such as in shops, on cereal packets or in a book. Reading some words from memory is another important strategy in learning to read.

A reminder again that library day is on a Thursday. On this day children can choose a book to take home and share with parents. It is really important to encourage children to be interested in books. It would be beneficial if you can read the book to your child and ask them to explain what is going on in the pictures.

In Maths, children are continuing to develop their knowledge of numbers and the number system. We will work within a number range of 1-20 and then extend to 30.  This term, children will further learn to develop their skills in adding, subtracting, estimating, measuring and problem solving.

Each Friday we will continue to send the class bear home with a different child. This bear will come with a scrap book and children are encouraged to write or draw about their weekend spent with the bear. Photographs could also be added to the book with short explanations.

Finally, please make sure that your child has a book bag with their name on and that ALL their clothing is clearly named.  Name tags can be ordered from the office they cost £1 for 10. Also it is important that water bottles go home each day for washing.



Best Wishes,


The Early Years Team

Minibeasts and Megabeast Curriculum Web

Minibeasts and Megabeast Curriculum Web 1

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Book Review!

Still image for this video
Some of the children had some thoughts last term's oral story: The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Reception Lights Camera Action Exhibition

Children have been learning through fun, play based activities both indoors and out!

Library Books

Library Books 1

Learning Diaries

Learning Diaries 1