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The Great, the Bold and the Brave (Autumn)

The Great, The Bold, The Brave 

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Our Topic Map!

Our Topic Map!  1

Check out our Digi-floorbook! 


This is our new floor book where you can see what we have been up to in our class. It includes pictures of our trips and our work in class. Our very own Year 3 digi-monitors update it, so any requests ask!

British Museum 

We went to the British Museum to discover more about the Ancient Greeks. We created our own mythical monsters using the images on their pottery as well as learning more about the Parthenon. 

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We learnt about three city states in Topic: Athens, Sparta and Corinth. We learnt that each city state was ruled under a different form of government : Democracy, Monarchy and Oligarchy. 


We were split into each form of government and instructed to build the famous Parthenon following orders...this was not easy for all! 

Building the Parthenon

Building the Parthenon  1
Building the Parthenon  2
Building the Parthenon  3
Building the Parthenon  4
Building the Parthenon  5
Building the Parthenon  6
Building the Parthenon  7