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Time Detectives

Time Detectives

We have been creating newspaper articles linking to our story of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. Below is a newspaper, some art work based on the story. 
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In our topic so far, we have been learning about Ancient Egypt. We have also had a chance to become archaeologists to find out about missing and hidden artefacts. 


We will be going on a visit to Greenwich Beach on Wednesday 8th November to put our skills to the test and find some ancient artefacts. 


We have had a chance to make our own bread, dance and make music like Egyptians and also visit some famous places with our VR headsets. 






The Case of the missing fossil was found. A real archaeologist called Bob came into school to tell us a little bit about life as a time detective. Check out the pictures below to prove he is a real archaeologist!





What a great visit to the theatre it was. Thanks to all the parent for coming and your children for being perfectly behaved.  We all had a delightful time and it has given us some ideas for our Christmas production. Stay tuned for more information. 




It is Rose's and Chris' classes assembly on Friday 03 November. As always it will began at 2.45 and of course, is open to parents and family members. 

Time Detectives


Our new topic is based on history, and how we find out about it. We will become archaeologists, tell stories and find out about mummification. Have a look at our topic web for more information!

Picture 1

WANTED! Have you seen this pesky archaeologist?

WANTED! Have you seen this pesky archaeologist? 1
WANTED! Have you seen this pesky archaeologist? 2
WANTED! Have you seen this pesky archaeologist? 3
WANTED! Have you seen this pesky archaeologist? 4

Have you seen this man. He came into our Year 2 classrooms, disguised as a famous archaeologist. Have you seen him? 


There is a reward for anyone with information on his whereabouts. 


Crime: Theft of ancient artefacts!