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4) Reception Admissions Information 2019-2020


1) Reception Admission for September 2019

Determined Arrangements for September 2019 onwards entry


2) Link to Pan London eAdmissions portal – opens 1 September 2019 for September 2019 reception applications


3) Pan London Co-ordinated Admissions



Key messages for parent/carers




Parent/carers should be strongly encouraged to consider and visit as many schools as possible, especially those close to their home, not just those of they were first thinking of naming as a preference.  What they experience may result in different schools being preferred from their initial thoughts .



Below are a list of the benefits of online applications:

- Electronic receipt is issued on submission of a completed application.

- No postal problems which can lead to an application going astray or arriving after the closing date which means it will be processed as 'late'.

- Facility to easily change application information up to the Pan London closing dates.

- No concerns with regard to misinterpretation of handwriting.

- Outcome of application can be accessed on-line on national offer day, rather than waiting for letter which cannot be posted until offer day.



·       Tuesday 15 January 2019  - national closing day and deadline for applying on-line and for paper applications to be received by Pupil Services

·       Tuesday 15 January 2019 -  deadline for any paper applications to be received by the school ready for dispatch to Pupil Services at Dockside.   

·       Tuesday 15 January 2019 - deadline for the supplementary information forms (SIF) for our voluntary aided faith schools.  



Importance of Checking your application and applying by the closing date

·      Please check applications carefully before submission especially for sibling and home address details

·       Families must be reminded of the closing date and its importance – as a late application significantly reduces your chances of gaining a place in a preferred school.  In Newham historically most schools have all their places offered before late applicants are considered.


Prize Draw

·       All Newham families who apply using the Pan London eAdmissions portal will be automatically included in a prize draw for a school uniform – 5 winners (see the Newham Magazine for photo’s of this years winners)