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In English we will be retelling the story ‘The Crocodile who didn't like water’’ by acting out scenes and creating a story map.

In Geography children will be learning about how water is not as accessible in other countries. We will also look at water in the local area such as the docks and the River Thames, which will link our learning to History. In PSHE we will be learning about how to look after the environment and save water as well as discussing how people in other countries do not have clean water.

In Design & Technology we will be using materials to make musical instruments that sound like water.

In Music we will be creating music using our own rain shakers and singing songs to do with water.

In Science we will be learning about water in different scientific concepts such as floating and sinking and the water cycle.

In Physical Education the children will participate in gymnastics and create dances to the music they have made with their rain shakers.


Activities to do at home

Continuing the learning from school to home is also very important and helps our children progress even further. So we will also provide a home learning folder, and send home some work each week to build on the learning in school. We hope it will help you reinforce the learning that takes place at school. 

We have been learning about the importance of water. We discussed how we use water on a daily basis and thought about all the different ways water can be used. 


In our our playground we had two paddling pools. We filled one with water and the other paddling pool had no water. The children decided which paddling pool was more fun to go in. Can you guess which paddling pool they chose?

As part of our Water topic, we discussed what waterproof and non waterproof means. The children then used different materials to make a waterproof object or item of clothing for the dragon from our story 'The Crocodile Who Didn't Like Water'. We then tested each of their creations to find out if they were waterproof by pouring water over them. Have a look at the pictures below of the children making their waterproof items for the dragon and testing if they were waterprooof or non waterproof.

Testing Waterproof and Non Waterproof Materials

We have been enjoying all the fun activities in our new playground!