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Scavengers and Settlers

Scavengers and Settlers is a very exciting theme which looks at pre-history. Year 4 will learn how to make fires, follow Torak and Ug in texts as well as visit exciting places such as Celtic Harmony!
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11/10/18 Quick update from Celtic Harmony after day one:


The children have all had a fantastic time so far. We have done soap knapping, hunting agility training, shelter building; we have eaten our packed lunches and enjoyed a delicious BBQ dinner; we roasted marshmallows on a fire, made pottery, crafted dream catchers and we went on a bat walk in the dark forest without making any noise or using torches! So it's been a busy day and now the children are brushing teeth and getting ready for bed. I am trying to upload pictures onto the digi-floorbook but the signal is a bit flaky out here. All the kids are doing really well - a few found the bat walk a bit nerve-wracking but it was great to see them all comforting each other! Tomorrow we have so much more to look forward to and I'm sure you will all collect some tired children with lots of stories to tell!