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Spring Term 2019 Topic Letter

Dear parents/carers

Welcome to the Spring Term!  We hope you’re ready for the busy term ahead with lots of exciting things to do and learn.

Our topic this term is ‘We Are What We Eat’. As part of this topic we will be finding out where food comes from and which food is healthy and unhealthy. Children will share stories with a food theme such as The Tiger Who Came to Tea, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Oliver’s Fruit Salad. Children will be encouraged to retell these stories using props, pictures, dressing up and role-play. We will be putting our cooking skills to the test by making gingerbread men, fruit salad and bread. We will also talk about the importance of trying new food and have the chance to taste food we may not have tasted before. We plan to go on an educational visit once again to the Discover Centre in Stratford where they have a new interactive exhibition based around the story The Tiger Who Came to Tea. More details will follow in due course.

It is very important that children of this age develop their fine and gross motor control in readiness for them doing more complex skills such as writing and fastening buttons and zips etc. We will be focusing on activities aimed at strengthening hand and arm muscles through fun activities such as dough disco, throwing, catching and bouncing balls. During these winter months, it is really important the children learn to be more independent when putting on and taking off their jackets. Please ensure you encourage children to practise doing this at home.   

It is vital that children come to school every day so they have the best possible start to their education. Children who come to school on a regular basis settle quicker, perform better and are able to learn more. They enjoy the routine that regular attendance brings and are able to build stable friendships on this basis. Weekly attendance results will be clearly displayed at the entrance to nursery. The school attendance target is 96%.

Library day will continue on Thursdays, so please ensure your child’s book is in their bag by then so they can swap it for a new one. Encouraging children to develop a love of reading will help their imagination flourish and support them to become better writers. It would be great if you can read to your child regularly and ask questions about what they think is happening in the pictures.

In Nursery we like to make all sorts of interesting models and in order for this to happen, we would really appreciate donations of household recycling items such as the items listed below.

·         Cartons and kitchen rolls (egg cartons, small boxes, cereal boxes) for junk modelling.

·         Wool, fabric and other old art/creative materials.

We would also be grateful for contributions of 50p a week for toast donation money. This not only enables your children to enjoy toast at the start of each session, it also allows us to buy the ingredients for the children to do cooking activities and make play-dough.

Please visit our new school website for Nursery updates in regards to your child’s learning.

Please remember to take your child’s water bottle home each day to be washed. Finally, please make sure that your child has a book bag with their name on and that their clothing is clearly named.  Name tags can be ordered from the office. We hope you have a happy and prosperous 2019!

Patrick, Sonia and the Nursery Team