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Britannia Village Primary School

Britannia Village Primary School

It takes a whole village to educate a child

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Year 2



  • Rangitata - Meet your new Teacher - Haleema!

  • Paparoa - Meet your new Teacher - Calum!

  • Flipgrid Task - Please leave a message to say HELLO! Feel free to ask a question about Year 2 too!



Summer Project


Hello Year 2!

Welcome to Year 2! We are really looking forward to meeting all of you in September! Your teacher will be Nicki, Haleema or Calum.


Memories Project

We would like you to collect objects that represent special memories to you. Then, take a picture and send it to us! You can share your pictures via 'Portfolios' on 'Class Dojo' (after Friday 17th July).


Please do not bring the items to school as current guidance states not to bring things in from home - If this changes before September, we will let you know.



Transition Project

We would love to get to know more about all of you! So, for your transition project, please create an 'All About Me' poster or booklet. You can also create your poster/booklet using a computer ('Google Slides'/'Google Docs') but remember to share it with us via 'Google Drive'. You could include information about the following:


- friends/family

- pets (if you have any)

- your hobbies

- favourite subjects at school

- what you are looking forward to in Year 2 

- any worries about Year 2


Remember to bring your work with you on the 3rd of September. We are really looking forward to receiving all of your fantastic work!


Haleema, Nicki and Calum

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Britannia Village Primary School

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