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Britannia Village Primary School

Britannia Village Primary School

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Year 3


  • Scotia - Meet your new Teacher - Erica!

  • Warwick - Meet your new Teacher - Bronwyn!

  • Monarch - Meet your new Teacher - Tasnim!


Summer Project - Due the first day back (03/09/20)


Hello to our new Year 3 students! 

For your summer project, we would like you to create a 'memory box'. This box should be full of a collection of different and special things that remind you of your favourite memories. 


To complete this task, you will need: 

  • A small box (shoe box size would be perfect). You may decorate this box however you like. 
  • Objects that remind you of your favourite memories - or photos of those objects if your caretaker would prefer that you don't bring in the original objects. 
  • Paper and pen/pencil to write a description of what is in the box and why you have included it. This must be written in your best joined handwriting. 


Please bring your memory box (including the written description) into school on your first day back in September. You will be sharing this with the class. 



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