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Dear Parent/Carer

On behalf of children, staff and governors I would like to welcome you to our school.  I hope this will provide you with some useful information and also an insight into the ethos and aims of our school.


Britannia Village Primary School is a thriving multi-cultural inclusive school, which promotes a safe, caring, challenging and creative environment.  We aim to develop independent, responsible, pupils who have respect and environmental awareness, and are equipped with the skills needed to contribute positively to their community and be productive global citizens.  We have high standards and expectations for ourselves and our pupils which are supported in partnership with our parents/carers.

We believe that children learn and develop best through a variety of opportunities which are creative, motivating and challenging.  We therefore provide a curriculum which as well as being rich in music, art, drama and dance, makes cross-curricular links, good use of the local area and enrichment activities after school.


The school is committed to developing environmental initiatives which help to reduce our waste.  Children contribute by recycling, composting and planting vegetables.  We appreciate the contribution the school grounds can provide, together with potential stimulating additional learning.  We have developed a wildlife garden with chickens and a pond.


We also promote a healthy lifestyle of regular exercise together with an awareness of healthy eating choices.   We provide swimming, gymnastics and many sports and dance school clubs.

Our school has made a substantial investment in ICT.  All our classrooms have interactive whiteboards all children have access to laptops connected via a wireless network.


During our recent Ofsted inspection, when asked by the inspector what they liked about the school, a child commented, “I like it all, it’s brilliant!”


We are very proud of our school.  You are welcome to visit and see for yourself!


Linda-May Bingham