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Britannia Village Primary School

Britannia Village Primary School

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Year 4

Welcome back everyone to the start of Year 4. Myself, Joss and Noor are really excited for the amazing year ahead. We will be starting back with Book Week, which I know is something you all really enjoyed last year. We will be having a dress up day, which we will let you know about once it's confirmed, so get thinking about your costumes.

Meet the Teacher - Patonga (Noor)

Meet The Teacher: Joss- Durban

Meet the teacher Séan


A Better World

Our first whole school theme is 'A Better World'. We are learning about what makes a good citizen, the importance of charities and democracy. We are also consolidating understanding of 'The Qualities for Life' through the delivery of this theme and are exploring how we can be responsible citizens online. Pupils are also learning about why recycling is needed and the effects of global plastic pollution.



Scavengers and Settlers

Scavengers and Settlers is a very exciting theme which looks at pre-history. Year 4 will learn how to make fires, follow Torak and Ug in texts as well as visit exciting places such as Celtic Harmony!



British Culture










Gruesome London


Arts Week


London Skyline

Britannia Village Primary School

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